Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Periodontitis

When you’re expecting your sweet bundle of joy, the last thing on your mind is likely your oral health. Did you know that because of the fluctuating hormones of pregnancy, you’re more likely to suffer from gum disease while pregnant?

As progesterone rises during your pregnancy, your production of prostaglandins also rises. Prostaglandins affect the inflammation of blood vessels, which your gums have in abundance. This increase causes your blood vessels to dilate, making your gums more susceptible to plaque and toxins. The result, for nearly 30% of pregnant women, is periodontal disease.

Peridontal Disease

At the earliest stages, periodontal disease is called gingivitis. Gingivitis is simply inflammation of the gum tissue which supports your pearly whites. If the infection isn’t treated, it can flourish, eventually leading to gum recession, loose teeth, and eventually tooth and bone loss. If your gums are feeling tender, red, and are bleeding easily when you brush or floss, Dr. Rahman can help.

Your Overall Health Begins With Your Oral Health

It may surprise you, but untreated periodontal disease can put you and your baby at risk. Some complications of gum disease include:

  • Low birth weight – In as many as 18% of low birth weight babies, periodontal disease has been identified as a risk factor.
  • Preterm delivery – It is believed that inflammation triggers a chemical response that can lead to preterm labor. Periodontal disease has been linked to preterm births (before 37 weeks).
  • Pre-eclampsia – This serious pregnancy condition, typified by high blood pressure and protein in the urine, has been associated with periodontal disease. It’s thought to be caused by stress on the blood vessels for both mother and baby.

We Can Help!

Taking the best care of your smile is always important, but especially so, when you’re expecting.  If you’re experiencing gum sensitivity, give Vanguard Dental Solutions a call, and come see us.