Same Day Crown Treatments

man-dental-examWith your schedule already as busy as it is, you don’t have time to even think about getting a dental crown. Or do you?

When your tooth is in intense pain, you know you need to do something about it fast. A toothache could even mean that you need a dental crown. Fortunately, Dr. Murshed Rahman is ready to deliver quick and lasting relief in the form of same-day dental crowns.

How Do Same Day Crowns Work?

A crown you receive in a single appointment is very much like any other crown.

First, Dr. Rahman numbs your tooth to ease your discomfort and removes the damaged parts, leaving only the healthy structure behind. After your tooth is prepared, he takes an impression or digital scan of your teeth to determine how the new cap should fit. This design is the basis for creating the crown out of porcelain or metal and then it is cemented onto the tooth.

This whole process can generally take a few weeks. That’s because traditional crowns are made in a lab and you need to come back for a final seating of the restoration. In the meantime, you’re outfitted with a temporary crown.

How is this process shortened to a single day?

Dr. Rahman sends the digital scan of your prepared tooth to a computer. There, he can manipulate the image to design a custom restoration. While you wait in the dental chair, this finished pattern zips off to an on-site milling machine. There, the machine hews your new crown out of a solid piece of ceramic material.

Once that’s done, Dr. Rahman will try it in your mouth, make adjustments, cement it, and you’re on your way!

Same Day Crowns in Alexandria

Spare yourself all that time waiting on a finished product from the lab. The next time you suspect you need a crown, schedule a visit to Vanguard Dental Solutions. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to get a high-quality dental restoration with less time off of work. Contact our team to find out more about same day crown treatments.