Cleanings & Prevention

Preventative Dental CareDentist giving patient a comprehensive dental exam and gum disease screening

Early diagnosis and prevention of everyday dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay are essential. Over time it limits the amount of restorative dental treatment that you need and helps you keep your natural teeth as long as possible. That’s why we offer a comprehensive preventive care plan that consists of:

Comprehensive Dental Exams

During your exam, Dr. Rahman or Dr. Stasiewicz will thoroughly examine your teeth, restorations, and surrounding orofacial structures. We will screen for conditions including gum disease, tooth decay, abnormal wear, TMJ disorder and more.

Periodontal Screenings

Gum disease causes bone loss and tissue detachment around the teeth. Our dentists and hygienists conduct a thorough screening process to identify areas of periodontal disease when they are easier to correct.

Digital X-Rays

Low radiation digital x-rays provide us with high definition images that make it easier to diagnose and communicate our findings with our patients. You’ll find that the easy-to-view images make your appointment more efficient and allow you to co-plan your own therapy right alongside of our doctors!

Preventive Teeth Cleanings

Preventative dental cleanings remove tartar buildup that has accumulated across your tooth surfaces both above and below the gumlines. These cleanings help you prevent gum disease, bone loss, and problems like bad breath. Our hygienists will also review any findings they have and offer recommendations on ways to maintain optimal oral health on a day-to-day basis.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is effective in managing tooth sensitivity, enamel remineralization and preventing tooth decay. We recommend an application after every cleaning for both adults and children.

Bite Splints, Mouth Guards and Athletic Guards

Worn and broken teeth can occur from athletic activities, bruxism (grinding), misaligned teeth and TMJ disorders. We are able to create comfortable, custom fitted bite splints that protect your smile and eliminate discomfort far better than generic over-the-counter guards.

Sleep Apnea Management

Patient being examined for possible Bite Splints, Mouth Guards and Athletic GuardsIf you are currently under the care of a sleep physician for sleep apnea and are CPAP non-compliant, we may be able to help. Dr. Rahman has helped numerous patients sleep more comfortably with our customized oral sleep apnea appliances. Call for more details!

When was your last dental checkup? We recommend a preventive exam and cleaning every 6 months for most patients. If you have gum disease, you may need to be seen more frequently.

So call us today for your teeth cleaning and exam. We are here to take care of all your General Dentistry needs!