Gentle Tooth Extraction
Dental patient undergoing gentle removal of decayed tooth with sedation

Sometimes the best thing for a healthy smile is removing a tooth that is badly infected or decayed. When a tooth is past the point of restoration, extracting it is the next best option.

Keeping You Comfortable

When we remove your tooth, we take extra steps to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process. If there is infection or swelling, we may recommend taking an antibiotic before the procedure. Dr. Rahman or Dr. Stasiewicz will then numb the area and gently remove the tooth.

After your extraction we will provide you with important instructions that encourage proper healing and minimize discomfort. A mild pain reliever may be needed for a day or two.

Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Removing a tooth impacts the other teeth throughout your mouth. For instance, it’s common for the adjacent teeth Dentist replacing extracted tooth with dental bridges, implants or denturesto drift into the open space, or the opposing tooth to “super-erupt” in an attempt to find a biting partner. For this reason, we recommend replacing your extracted tooth as quickly as possible. Vanguard Dental Solutions offers many different types of tooth replacement restorations for you to consider – including dental implants, dental bridges and dentures.

If you’ve been told that you need to have a tooth removed, it’s best to do it before the infection can spread to other teeth. Call our Alexandria office today to schedule your preventative exam for a full dental check up and teeth cleaning.