Wisdom Teeth

Managing Tooth Pain and DiscomfortX-ray of wisdom tooth damage to other teeth

Wisdom teeth typically begin to erupt during the mid-teen years through the late twenties. While some people never have a problem with their wisdom teeth, others are not so lucky.

Screening for Problems Before They Happen

At Vanguard Dental Solutions we recommend taking a panoramic film every 3 to 5 years to monitor the development of the wisdom teeth (as well as assess other key areas of the mouth during comprehensive exams.) On the film we will assess the wisdom teeth for concerns such as:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Cysts or infection
  • Decay
  • Bone loss
  • Irregular eruption patterns
  • Crowding

Proactive Treatments

Although wisdom teeth are known for causing pain and swelling, they also frequently damage the other teeth in the rest of the mouth. How? By creating crowding, decay or infection that originates with the wisdom tooth and then progresses throughout the rest of the mouth. Even if they come in completely straight, wisdom teeth are more likely to suffer from decay and gum disease due to their hard-to-reach location.

Relaxed patient having wisdom tooth extraction with sedationShould your wisdom teeth be positioned in a way that they are jeopardizing the health of your smile, Dr. Rahman or Dr. Stasiewicz may recommend having the set of 3rd molars removed. Some of these extractions can be done comfortably in our office, thanks to our oral sedation services.

If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth, call our Alexandria office for care you can trust. Please also ask about our Oral Pathology service. It could save your life!