Dental Bridges

Replace Missing Teeth Dental bridge being built to replace missing teeth.

Bridges are a classic and reliable form of tooth replacement. Instead of wearing a removable partial denture, a bridge is permanently anchored into the mouth. It is made up of a false crown with two supporting dental crowns fused on opposite ends. The bridge is mounted onto healthy teeth on adjacent sides of the missing tooth, with the false crown suspended between them.

Vanguard Dental Solutions bridges can be used to replace one or two teeth at a time. In order to be a candidate for a bridge, Dr. Rahman or Dr. Stasiewicz will need to examine your teeth and determine whether or not the adjacent teeth are healthy enough to permanently support the prosthesis.

Bridges for Dental Implants

Dental bridges with support by dental implantsDid you know that dental bridges could also be supported by dental implants, instead of natural teeth? With an implant on each end of the bridge, you can replace 3 or more teeth at one time. All of our implant services are completed right here in our Alexandria dental office, so there’s no need to travel back and forth between different providers.

Find out which type of dental bridge is right for you by calling our Alexandria dentists Dr. Rahman and Dr. Stasiewicz at Vanguard Dental Solutions.

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