Dental Fillings

Minimally Invasive Metal-Free Composite FillersGraphic of our minimally invasive metal-free composite dental fillings

At Vanguard Dental Solutions, we use only high-grade, metal-free fillings. These composite fillings provide many benefits to our patients, including:

  • Minimally invasive placement techniques
  • Color blending with your surrounding tooth
  • Smaller restorations
  • Placement anywhere throughout the mouth

What makes white fillings so unique is the ability that the material has to bond directly to your porous tooth surface. This allows it to be placed over smooth areas and reduces the invasiveness of the restoration, making them preferable over traditional metal fillings.

An Aesthetic Dental Restoration

Since composite fillings are also white in color, they blend in with your smile. Dr. Rahman or Dr. Stasiewicz can place them on the front teeth without anyone ever knowing that you have even had a filling! Since the specific shade of filling is matched to your natural tooth, you may want to consider whitening your smile before your treatment procedure.

Graphic showing difference between metal and composite dental fillingsIf you are currently experiencing any symptoms of tooth decay – such as sensitivity, roughness or food packing between the teeth – call Vanguard Dental Solutions in Alexandria today.

Be sure to also ask about our 1-day dental crown service!